Red Spektor – Red Spektor


Red Spektor describe themselves as Psychedelic Blues Stoner Rock and are formed of John Scane on Guitar and Vocals, Daz Bowen on Drums and Rob Farrell on Bass.  They come from Stoke and have been playing live music together since 2013.  They released their EP in May 2015, with this album following in May 2016.

This album was recorded live straight to tape over a week with all of the tracks being recorded in 3 – 4 takes.  They enjoyed this experience so much as it captures the essence of the songs that they plan to use it for their new album.  Kozmik Artifactz (Berlin) signed a distribution deal with them after seeing the video for Cosmonaut and hearing an early mix of the album.  It was important to the band to get this album released on vinyl, as well as the usual mediums, but this took a while as there was a waiting time of 6 months to get the pressing due to the rise in popularity of vinyl!

They are currently have around 7 songs for the next album which they are hoping to have out this year, but do not have a date for this yet.

If you are a fan of fuzzy, distorted guitars, multi-dimensional riffs, energetic drumming, combined with interesting bass lines and vocals then this album and band are for you.  If you enjoy Crobot, Buffalo Summer, Scorpion Child and the like, you will definitely enjoy the groove that this band has.

Before the Sunrise opens with a fuzzy distorted sound that morphs into 1970s funk fuelled rock.  This is a great opening track as it builds and soars into the sublime riffs, polished drumming and amazing energy that the whole album has.

Pagan Queen opens with toe tapping guitars that will have your head nodding within seconds.  The bass is fat and fuzzy but with loads of interest.  The vocals weave in and out, accentuating the sound whilst the drums add dimension.  When the organic riffs pile in to overlay this track with even more texture and give it a kind of spacy feel that hails back to the psychedelic age of rock.

Timeless Requiem is fabulous and funky from the first chord, the raspy riffs lead you in, with the bass and drums knocking you about a bit.  As the riffs climb, interweaving with the vocals and funky bass I found a very broad smile on my face.

Cosmonaut seems to spark and fly into existence as it travels along.  It combines cool bass and sustained, screaming riffs into a really catchy tune.  There is a lot going on this track, changing tempo and direction from the drums, striking bass line and the warbling riffs with great vocals.

Elixir integrates whar whar climactic guitar riffs as the track rolls forward.   There is a fluidity and space in this track, which seems effortless.  The vocals the have a smoky quality as they swirl and build.  This track, for me really held my interest from the first play and it is one to which I have returned many times over as I always hear different things.

Into the Maelstrom  is much more moody in feel.  The drums give structure assisted by the bass line to tie everything together, while all around the guitars rise and fade away.  The vocals snaking through the other sounds add to the dark, hallucinogenic quality of the track.

Fields of Fire is completely different as the it comes at you full throttle, with its vibrant guitars and rich bass line.   The riffs snarl and swagger at you with full on distortion with a racing heartbeat of drumming going on underneath, it feels primal.

Torpedo Head is definitely one to bang your head to and tap your toes along with the pronounced, rhythmic drumming and heavy bass line.  Swirling riffs that build to grab hold of you and bring you along for this tumultuous ride.

Black Moon Rising for me is an instant hit, as it has a great melody.  It reminds me of the Doors with its mesmerising riffs, reverbing guitars and reverbed guitars.  The track builds to the immense chorus.

Lost Soul is the surprising acoustic number at the end of the album, it has an otherworldly, Celtic feel that reminds me of Solas by The Answer.

All in all this is a great album if you are a fan of groovy, funky rock that is played really well.  Personally, I would have liked to have heard John’s vocals a bit further up in the mix, at least on some of the tracks.  However, the album has intense moments of transcendental riffs combined with excellent drumming and interesting bass lines that add to the overall strength of the tracks.  The band say that they are growing as they make each new album so I await the next one with interest but know that I will find plenty on this one to keep me going and not get bored.

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