Daxx and Roxane – Ticket to Rock


Swiss rockers Daxx & Roxane are Luca Senaldi   Drums, Cedric Pfister Vocals & Bass, Cal Wymann Lead Guitar, Simon Golaz Rhythm Guitar and Harmonica and they are set to release their debut album “Ticket To Rock” on 10th March via Justice Brothers Records.

The album was recorded at Grange Farm Studios, Emneth, Cambridgeshie in July 2016.  ‘Ticket To Rock’ was produced by David Donley (Midge Ure, Adam Ant)., engineered by Richard Hammerton (Danny Bryant (Germany No.1), Hills (USA)) and mastered by John Davis (Led Zeppelin, U2) at Metropolis. The artwork is being designed by the revered illustrator and graphic designer Graham Humphreys (Nightmare on Elm Street, NME).  The band have spent an impressive 13 weeks on Planet Rocks playlist in 2016.

They describe themselves as a ticking time bomb of raw Rock n Roll power and crushing heavy riffs and they are not wrong.  This album has everything from massive riffs to power ballads and everything in between.

What sounds like an airplane taking off leads us into the first track Ticket to Rock, and the track takes off at full speed from there.  We get power cords with heavy bass lines and hard hitting drumming, overlaid with focused riffs.  This would not be out of place on any heavy rock record from the 80’s.

Girl Next Door has a head banging melody, sleazy guitars with a driving bass line make this a feel-good track.  The swirling vibe of House of Nothing has a rat a tat guitar undercurrent with interest thrown in from the drumming and the fat bass line.  The vocals are great on this track which mix in with the resonant, flying riffs.

Lust and Love has a Led Zeppelin vibe to me, in its melodic intro and sweeping guitar over, joining in the conversation with the vocals.  The glorious guitar riffs add really beauty to bass and drums.  The harmonic adds a great touch of folky soul.  The music mimics the lyrics when speaking about lust and love with its brooding and sensual sounds.

Leaving Tomorrow is an anthemic nod to Bon Jovi, with its sing along lyrics which combine with sweet, vibrant guitars and funky bass.  It rises into the chorus which is really catchy and is filled with the reaching riffs that seem to be part of the norm for this band.  The track has a more soulful feel, showing they can do ballads too.

Wrong Side is sure to be a crowd pleaser when played live with the chorus that begs for crowds to be singing along.  It feels like a live track to me in feel, it has a real atmospheric quality.   The sustained guitar riffs build and build along with the gravelly vocals.

Good Vibes reminds me of the 60’s and 70’s with its pulsing groovy feel.  It has an energy to it as it changes in direction from heavy rock to “good vibrations” which is fuelled with all of the glamour and glitz of the 70’s.

Was What starts with a pulsing guitar which calls and answers back.  This is a really catchy track as it rolls and weaves with funk and sweet riffs.  The spacy fluidity of the track fits well with the lyrics and the almost hallucinogenic quality of the track.

Wild Child reminds me of a glam rock track from the 70’s as it storms along, with thundering drums, distorted bass and joyous riffs.  The track changes in tempo about half way though and we see the softer side of this hard-hitting rock band, with harmonious guitars.

Hard Rockin’ Man starts with a different vibe which is slower and softer but within seconds we are back into full on, in your face rock n roll.  This is a wall of sound that hits you like a train, you have heavy distorted guitars, harmonica being played like a demon, weaving in and out of the guitars and vocals and leaving you breathless.

If you are a fan of enormous riffs that hark back to Motley Crue, The Scorpions, Bon Jovi and the like then this will be a great album to check out.  It is full on, balls out rock in places with some more quiet ballads.  I can imagine this being a real crowd pleaser when played live but it also sounds great cranked right up out of the stereo.


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