Anchor Lane – New Beginning EP



Anchor Lane are a 3 piece heavy rock group formed of Connor Gaffney (Vocals / Guitar), Jack Nicol  (Guitar / Vocals) and Matthew Quigley (Bass).  They come from Glasgow, Scotland.  This EP is due to be brought out on 2nd March 2017 at Audio, Glasgow.

The band say that their influences are a wide mixture from Black Stone Cherry to Thin Lizzy with some Bruce Springsteen and Alter Bridge thrown in.  If you are a fan of riff driven rock with lyrics that you will find yourself humming along too then this is definitely worth a listen.

This EP starts with Finished for Twelve which hits the ground running with lingering riffs which lead you into the body of the track. The vocals seem to be expressing dismay at having to work when you would much prefer to be out there having a good time, playing in the band.  The chorus is really catchy and definitely had me mummering along, head nodding.  The guitars rise as the melody slows and becomes an anthem about “wanting a rum and coke with a little slice of lime”.  The track then builds into joyous guitars with a darker, heavier bass line under.

Annie follows with a harder sound and piercing guitars, it is riff filled and builds into staccato drum and guitar rhythm which continues to build.  The guitars screech and soar behind the vocals, progressing into fuzzy bass with raspy punctuations.  The drums do more than fill the space on this track as they add interest beneath everything else that is going on.  The conversation continues to great effect between guitar and bass until the end of the track.

The cymbal leads you into Cog in the Wheel but then the riffs and winding melody kick in and you are back in sludgy, hard guitars with crashing drums.  There is a surprising amount of space here, which is just as well as this is a harder track that grinds and screams its way along.

Twenty Sixteen starts with the type of scratching you would get on much loved vinyl records and slams into the machine gun guitar sound, the drums keep up a great beat that marches onto the end, not without more crushing riffs and smoking bass lines.  It is a song about losing your heroes in 2016 and is definitely a nod to Lemmy and Bowie.  There is passion and intensity in this track which ends with a bang.

This is an EP filled with great, deep riffs, lyrics that are catchy and make you want to move your feet.  I think it would sound very powerful played live and I am hoping to try and  catch them if they are down this way.

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