1 in Five – Evolve EP


This is the second EP to be released by Brighton based 1 in Five, who are a 5 piece rock / blues band.  The band have generously allowed fans to download  this EP for free by subscribing to their mailing list as they want you to listen to their music, enjoy it and share it with friends.

The band is made up of Jay (vocals), Mike (guitars), Chris (keyboard / guitars), James (bass) and Martin (drummer).  1 in Five say that their songs are “all about the world around us and often highlight important issues that go un-noticed or un-reported. Themes include climate, injustice, corruption and power.”

The EP, Evolve, starts with Always About You.  The opening guitar riff would not be out of place on any rock album and leads nicely into the banging drum beat and keyboards by which point your head will be nodding along.  Then Jay’s vocals kick in with social commentary on the system being a prison.   The chorus is really catchy and I have found myself humming it over and over.  “It’s always about you, just another aggravation, never a revelation”.  The track builds with the chorus kicking in and keeping you nodding your head and tapping your toes.

Messiah is the next track and starts with a church organ and sounds like a service is about to commence.  This is a fast paced, guitar heavy track with a great drum melody.  The vocals lead up to the lingering “messiah” the pace then slows and builds again.  This track contains some great riffs, which sounds like the guitar is singing to the Messiah.

Three Days is about a convicted killer who is due to be hung in 3 days.  Jay’s vocals are really strong in this track and it reminds me of a Doors track, due to the rich voice and underlying melody coming from the guitars and drums.  The guitars rise and soar as we near the end of the track.  The rhythm then comes back in with a countdown of the number of days left until the hanging takes place.  This track is a belter, I would imagine will be fantastic live with the guitar building and the richness from the vocals.

Salvation starts with a kicking beat, which allows the listener space to hear all of the instruments, you can tell that this band can play judging by the quality of the music.  There is a great drum solo, with clashing guitars.  I can imagine the crowd singing along to the chorus “I want salvation, I need redemption”.  This track turned up load will certainly have you dancing along.

Evolve is the final track and starts with a cry and a call to “Come on” then we are into a banging drum beat, guitars rocking, building up to “We have no time to evolve, our time is running out”.  This is a fast paced, frantic song which as the lyrics suggest is trying to run away and stay ahead.

This was my first experience of 1 in Five, the tracks on this EP will keep your toes tapping and head nodding along and you may find yourself humming and singing along before you know it.  I would imagine that this band live will get the crowd going and dancing along.


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